Niagara poster

This is definitely my favourite Marilyn Monroe film, her beauty is mesmerizing and she really is a high water mark in suspense!

Directed by Henry Hathaway, Niagara follows two couples visiting Niagara falls. George and Rose Loomis (Joseph Cotton and Marilyn Monroe) and Bud and Polly Cutler (Max Showalter and Jean Peters). Bud and Polly are a sweet, wholesome couple on their honeymoon. George and Rose, on the other hand, have a troubled marriage. George is older and mentally unstable, and Rose is the young, seductive femme fatale. We learn that Rose is having an affair, and is planning to kill George. The murder does not go as planned, and the stage is set for the only film in which Marilyn doesn’t make it.

I personally could do without the Bud and Polly Cutler storyline, and once we see the end of Marilyn’s Rose, my interest dwindles.

IMBD trivia tells me that Rose’s walk across some cobblestones holds the record for the longest walk in cinema history – 116 feet of film.

George Loomis: Let me tell you something. You’re young, you’re in love.

Well, I’ll give you a warning. Don’t let it get out of hand, like those falls out there.

Up above… d’you ever see the river up above the falls?

It’s calm, and easy, and you throw in a log, it just floats around. Let it move a little further down and it gets going faster, hits some rocks, and… in a minute it’s in the lower rapids, and… nothing in the world – including God himself, I suppose – can keep it from going over the edge.

It just – goes.

Here’s some sulky, saucy, and scared Marilyn for your Friday.


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4 thoughts on “Niagara (1953)

  1. ..never known what to make of marilyn monroe…sure, she was devastatingly lovely…but somehow, she had a kinda haunting look in her eyes…something that showed she was not the person she always portrayed in public….

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